I am Interested in Becoming Certified


  • Dogs must be at least one year old
  • Must have their Canine Good Citizen certificate  OR
    our PFL AKC-CGC evaluators will provide the CGC testing
  • Solid in basic obedience commands and
  • Should be well-socialized to people, places and situations.
  • Must be age 16* with parental permission & involvement
    (exceptions see: PFL Age Requirement Policy)
  • Must demonstrate a team relationship with your dog
  • Must be able to commit to a visitation schedule.

Courses/Certifications Offered

We hold two workshops a year, SPRING and FALL
After the initial requirements to become certified with us

Steps to Certify
  1. A phone call with us giving more details about you and your dog.
  2. An evaluation of handler and dog (conducted by PFL CGC Evaluators)
  3. CGC Testing; if not already obtained (cost $15.00)
  4. Both handler and dog attend a six hour workshop (cost $75.00)
     (includes notebook and take home test)
  5. Both handler and dog take an aptitude test which includes scenarios teams could come across. (cost $50.00)
  6. Both handler and dog go on a supervised visit with our evaluators.
  7. Graduation attended by both handler and dog.
  8. Start visiting!


We ask that teams commit to only 15 hours minimum of visitations per year and 10 hours of volunteer hours for our organization per year (which includes helping with testing or attending special events).

Allowing your pet to make a difference in the lives of as many people as you wish to visit. Visitations with your pet can be so rewarding and brightening the days of everyone you visit.

Handlers should be dressed in neat, clean cloths, on time and be sure and wear your ID Badge. Also "Go Light" (or don't use at all) on any fragrances, afershave or colognes; many people are allergic. Dogs need to be clean and groomed. Attach your dog's ID Badge. See: PFL Dog Visitation Guildlines for a complete list.

Library Dogs

In addition to visiting people in a variety of medical and living settings, our certified therapy dogs go into schools and other learning situations to provide emotional support to students.

The Library Dog calmly stays on his/her bed or blanket, keeping quiet while children take turns “reading” to him. This program is utilized by local public libraries and some schools to offer a non-threatening environment for the child that has difficulty reading.

Think your dog qualifies as a Library Dog?? This activity is best suited to calmer, quiet dogs that love children, but any dog may become a Library Dog. Have some free time to give? Contact Paws For Love Therapy Dogs, Inc to find out when the next Therapy Dog Workshop is being held.

See:   Statesman Journal Article on Paws For Love Library Dogs

Facilities to Visit

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Adult Foster Homes
  • Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Library Dogs
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Schools
  • Special Requests
  • Special Events   such as:
    Walk-n-Wag, Willamutt Strut, Oregon State Fair, Linfield College Finals Destressing Visitation , Out of the Darkness Walk and more!